Monday, March 27, 2017

Share the Positivity by Personalising Pollyanna

U Star Novels is proud to announce a personalised version of Eleanor Hodgman Porter’s Pollyanna is soon to be available to purchase, including nine characters to personalise!

Revisit a childhood favourite and relive the uplifting charisma of young Pollyanna, a perfect opportunity for yourself or your mum to return to the...

Or why not start introducing your child to the classics with a story of positivity, resilience and kindness?

Here’s your chance to star as the fascinating Pollyanna herself, weaving the magic of the “Glad Game” through the whole community. A lesson in perfecting the art of finding the silver lining in every dark cloud, this charmingly written story is applicable at every age and you can never be too old to be reminded to look on the bright side!

Pollyanna has a strong message for us all, and if we can learn to play her “Glad Game”, we can transform our lives too. A must read for all and what better way to enjoy than to be the heroine!


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