Tuesday, November 29, 2011

There’s A New Pride & Prejudice Mash-Up In Town

- Personalised Novel Publisher, U Star Novels Launches Pride, Prejudice & Debauchery -

Teddington, United Kingdom – 17 November 2011 – Award winning publisher of personalised novels, U Star Novels has launched their own steamy mash-up of Pride & Prejudice.

Pride, Prejudice & Debauchery features the original text of Jane Austen’s beloved novel with all-new scenes of naughtiness, frolics and sexual misadventure taking place within the prim drawing rooms of Pemberley!

The new passages include startling details of Jane’s brief stay at Netherfield, Lydia’s steamy wedding night with Mr Wickham and a number of steamy encounters between Elizabeth and Darcy.

If you have always wanted to know what Elizabeth & Darcy get up to behind closed doors, or the x-rated parodies of the Bennet sisters described in such a proper, old-fashioned way, Pride, Prejudice & Debauchery is too delightful to pass up!

The publisher, who already allows anyone to step into Pride & Prejudice with their personalised version of the original edition, is also offering any couple to star as Elizabeth Bennet & Mr Darcy in Pride, Prejudice & Debauchery as well.

“Sex was one of the topics Jane Austen was never explicit about in her novels, but if she had, we think it would be something like this,” said Katie Olver, founder of U Star Novels.com

“Our personalised version of Pride & Prejudice is exceptionally popular, so too are our personalised romantic and erotic novels which take 30 details about a couple and weave them throughout a 160-180 novel, so Pride, Prejudice & Debauchery is really a mash-up of our most popular products too," concluded Olver.

Here is your chance to join the lives of these Victorian sisters, and experience their passions and lust for yourself!

For more information or to personalise your own copy of Pride, Prejudice & Debauchery please click here


Notes to Editors:

U Star Novels is prepared to offer money off coupons, exclusive reader promotions or prizes for competitions.

Samples are available on request.

For more information, please contact:

Katie Olver
U Star Novels
E: kolver@ustarnovels.com
T: 020 8614 6816


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