Wednesday, November 03, 2010

U Star Novels in The Guardian: Journalist spotlights U Star Novels personalised books against mixed public comments

Shirley Dent, journalist for The Guardian posted an article on that mentioned personalised novels as created by U Star Novels; the article was posted on Tuesday 26 October 2010.

Have you seen the signs too? Traditional fare – puds, mince pies, and Quality Street value tins – are creeping onto requisitioned shelves with Advent calendars stacking up at the aisle ends. Book lovers, you know what this means: The novelty book is about to come into season.

If only they were like grouse and you could walk into a bookshop with a shotgun and bag a brace without anyone having to read the blasted things. But life is never that simple. Someone, somewhere is fated to have to feign happiness at receiving The People of Walmart: Shop and Awe. Still more, if news reports are to be believed, will be pretending to chuckle over Aleksandr Orlov's "memoir".

But sometimes a publication emerges that is so offensive to, well, just about everything, that we really need to stand as one and drop our collective jaw in amazed disgust.

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