Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Win With Paper With a Steamy Personalised Book For Your First Wedding Anniversary

Ok so no rocks this year but you can still win with paper with U Star Novels’ romantic paper anniversary gift ideas. Raise the temperature on your first wedding anniversary with a steamy personalised book starring you and your partner. And it’s made of paper.

Admit it. You laughed when you first heard your first happy year of marriage would be celebrated by the gift of paper. I was even a little bitter as the thought of rubies or diamonds slipped away from me into the very distant future.

But actually this is a brilliant turn of luck. Paper is very versatile. You probably won’t get the wad of cash or blank cheque you’re hoping for but there are other thoughtful, imaginative and romantic paper anniversary gifts you could give that will get a very appreciative thank you.

So you’re sitting there trying to think of a first anniversary gift idea. How about a book for the first wedding anniversary present? It’s made of paper…not so exciting? How about one with a twist. The twist being you and your partner starring in an erotic, romantic adventure novel. It’s certainly a unique anniversary gift.

A personalised anniversary present is a thoughtful and original first wedding anniversary present. And U Star Novels have a bunch of books to pick from that are romantic and spicy. Surprise them with something special, imagine the shock and delight on your partner’s face as they receive a saucy book with your names in it, acting out James Bond-esque scenes, flying helicopters, fighting the Mafia, glamorous in Amsterdam’s underground scene or floating in the sun on a private yacht.

Just visit us at check out our free excerpts and then fill in a few of your details, including your names, work and pet names, and then in a few days you’ll receive a romantic anniversary gift of a perfect bound personalised book for your first wedding anniversary present.


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