Thursday, August 28, 2008

What Do You Want To Fill Your Christmas Stocking This Christmas?

'Tis the season to hang stockings by the chimney or at the end of the bed with care in anticipation of receiving gifts, chocolates and lots of other goodies as well as possibly a nut and tangerine which was common place in our house. Receiving a Christmas stocking is a holiday tradition most parents enjoyed as children and continue to enjoy as adults.

So what are the roots of this seasonal merriment? And why do we hang out stockings, shopping bags, pillow cases by the fire place or at the end of the bed?

This tradition dates back to the fourth century. St. Nick heard about three poor sisters whose father was desperate because he could not afford to provide them with dowries so they could marry. As the legend continues, the sisters washed their stockings as usual and hung them by the chimney to dry. That night, St. Nicholas secretly visited their home, tossing three purses of gold coins down their chimney. Where should they fall but in the stockings, giving birth to the tradition of the Christmas stocking.

The Christmas stocking has now become the first stage of the giving at Christmas where the adults can give some of their more intimate gifts. The contents are often based on a few pence up to several hundred pounds. From naughty novelty sweets, lingerie to the more risqué gifts of personalised romance novel. The great thing about all of these gifts they can be enjoyed together or on your own.


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