Thursday, August 28, 2008

What Do You Want To Fill Your Christmas Stocking This Christmas?

'Tis the season to hang stockings by the chimney or at the end of the bed with care in anticipation of receiving gifts, chocolates and lots of other goodies as well as possibly a nut and tangerine which was common place in our house. Receiving a Christmas stocking is a holiday tradition most parents enjoyed as children and continue to enjoy as adults.

So what are the roots of this seasonal merriment? And why do we hang out stockings, shopping bags, pillow cases by the fire place or at the end of the bed?

This tradition dates back to the fourth century. St. Nick heard about three poor sisters whose father was desperate because he could not afford to provide them with dowries so they could marry. As the legend continues, the sisters washed their stockings as usual and hung them by the chimney to dry. That night, St. Nicholas secretly visited their home, tossing three purses of gold coins down their chimney. Where should they fall but in the stockings, giving birth to the tradition of the Christmas stocking.

The Christmas stocking has now become the first stage of the giving at Christmas where the adults can give some of their more intimate gifts. The contents are often based on a few pence up to several hundred pounds. From naughty novelty sweets, lingerie to the more risqué gifts of personalised romance novel. The great thing about all of these gifts they can be enjoyed together or on your own.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wow The Bride-To-Be at her Hen’s Party with a Saucy Novel

We’ve all been there. Best friend is getting married and she’s asked you to be her bridesmaid. Once the excitement of being bestowed such a tremendous duty has worn off, you realise that as bridesmaid, its your job to organise her hen’s party and give her the best possible send-off into married life.

There is so much to organise for a hen’s party and your mind starts whirling with ideas. Organising an event for a dozen or so girls, many of whom will be used to nights on the town every week, is no easy thing. Some girls don't drink; some love to drink. Most have busy lives, family commitments and some can be so inflexible - Argghhh what to do?

Organising a hen night these days requires some extra effort. A meal at the local pub followed by a glass of wine and then off home isn't going to impress anyone. It needs to be different, it needs to be a bold statement... it needs to be exciting and fun.

There are so many different options for you to consider. You could have a traditional naughty hen’s party with male strippers, naughty outfits, and willies galore. Or you could maybe opt for something much more civilized such as a pampering hen’s party at Champneys or some other spa hotel. Where you could all enjoy facials, manicures, pedicures, and glam it up for a night on the town.

I recently went to a pole dancing hen’s party, which was absolutely hilarious. We had a 2-hour pole-dancing lesson from an ex-dancer, it was not only eye opening, but also great for a bunch of girls to let their inhibitions go and have a good laugh together.

Whatever you decide to do, nothing can be better topped off with some gifts to make the Bride-to-be blush! Instead of the usual; sex toys, naughty lingerie, willy-shaped pasta etc. why not opt for a personalized erotic novel starring the bride with her husband to-be. The books, which are 160-180 pages can be filled with hilarious details you can make up about the wedded couple, such as their pet names for each other, favourite food, jobs (male stripper always creates a laugh) and many more.

Get the Bride-to-be to read out the sauciest part of the novel and you’ll have never seen her blush so much! Furthermore, a personalized novel will be a great keepsake of her special day, and something she can enjoy with her new husband, reading it together whilst on honeymoon.

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Saucy Gifts For Troops Overseas

So you met a delicious looking man. And then he whipped out his uniform and you liked him even more. But now he’s being deployed and whilst you knew what you signed up for… it’s still not good.

There are thousands of women going through the same thing and there is lots of helpful advice around for those dealing with deployment. For British ladies, the British Army has a Welfare and Support system that gives lots of practical advice and support. And in the US, the US Community and Family Support centre offers the same. But you might be thinking a bit more emotionally. What do you do when you get really lonely and you just want a cuddle?

Lots of things. Keep busy and distract yourself. There is always work to take your mind off things or take college courses, use your friends and start hanging out with them more, go out and do things you might not think to do like museums or comedy clubs or dance classes, start exercising,

"It goes faster when I'm thinking, 'I only have three more months to get a body like Britney Spears (ha, ha)!'" –kelnelmo.

But do make sure you do indulge in thinking about him too, in the right way. Don’t get sucked into oh- god- I- miss- him- so- much- I’m- going- to- sit- here- and- fester- all- alone thoughts. Write letters or emails often, to keep him up on all the news so he won’t feel out of the loop. You could even get creative and send him a personalised romance novel giving him a bit of saucy reading each night!
But, remember, he’s going to be missing you too, so search for gifts for deployed forces and get him something special.
Create a Virtual Home, with modern technology many soldiers have access to the Internet. There are numerous sites (like where you can create your own homepage and post important information, events and photos so he’s not feeling left out and abandoned.
And definitely think ahead about you as a couple. Many couples get scared that after a long time apart the relationship won’t be the same, it will fall apart but it doesn’t have to happen like that. Send him lots of gorgeous pictures of yourself and keep sending more. Make him a little album of photos that are special to him; you, you and him together, holidays you had together, nights out, parties. Or even better, get him a personalised erotic romance novel . U Star Novels will send to BFPO, FPO and APO addresses. He might laugh and scoff but once he’s alone in his bunk, looking at your photos he’ll turn to his personalised erotic romance book . And he’ll love it. A book completely about you and him romancing it up and getting down to some naughty action…It can help keep the love and spark in your relationship alive. And you could get one for yourself too.
Whatever happens know that you are not alone. Even though you didn’t want him to be deployed, there is a lot of help out there for you and lots of people going through the same thing. And there are always friends to help you out. And what is it they say…Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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Win With Paper With a Steamy Personalised Book For Your First Wedding Anniversary

Ok so no rocks this year but you can still win with paper with U Star Novels’ romantic paper anniversary gift ideas. Raise the temperature on your first wedding anniversary with a steamy personalised book starring you and your partner. And it’s made of paper.

Admit it. You laughed when you first heard your first happy year of marriage would be celebrated by the gift of paper. I was even a little bitter as the thought of rubies or diamonds slipped away from me into the very distant future.

But actually this is a brilliant turn of luck. Paper is very versatile. You probably won’t get the wad of cash or blank cheque you’re hoping for but there are other thoughtful, imaginative and romantic paper anniversary gifts you could give that will get a very appreciative thank you.

So you’re sitting there trying to think of a first anniversary gift idea. How about a book for the first wedding anniversary present? It’s made of paper…not so exciting? How about one with a twist. The twist being you and your partner starring in an erotic, romantic adventure novel. It’s certainly a unique anniversary gift.

A personalised anniversary present is a thoughtful and original first wedding anniversary present. And U Star Novels have a bunch of books to pick from that are romantic and spicy. Surprise them with something special, imagine the shock and delight on your partner’s face as they receive a saucy book with your names in it, acting out James Bond-esque scenes, flying helicopters, fighting the Mafia, glamorous in Amsterdam’s underground scene or floating in the sun on a private yacht.

Just visit us at check out our free excerpts and then fill in a few of your details, including your names, work and pet names, and then in a few days you’ll receive a romantic anniversary gift of a perfect bound personalised book for your first wedding anniversary present.